Monday, April 21, 2008

Little Miss Gabby

I truly seem to be feeling a bit better these days. What a miracle! At least, Conrad measures how well I feel by how much I cook. When I’m really nauseated the thought of cooking dinner makes me want to cry. Actually, I’m not beyond tears when I walk in the door at 5:30 and think about raw meat. Now the thought of raw chicken is more manageable and my family is officially getting a tad more than microwave meals.

We had a great relaxing weekend. Isabelle has been a complete angel since we arrived back from Vegas. I think she’s afraid we’ll up and leave her again Or it could be that the weather is getting better and she is loving getting outside more. And we love it too!

We are constantly amazed at how much she is learning and how quickly. She mimicks everything we say. On our way home from daycare, about half a mile from our house, she usually starts to get a bit ansy and whiny. So I usually begin distracting her at about the same location. I point out the local school, the ducks, our neighborhood, our street etc. by saying, “Look! There’s the school. Hi School!”

This morning we were driving to daycare, past the school, and she looked out the window and said, “Hi chool!” I took me a minute to realize what she was saying, then I laughed. She is so big some days!

On the other hand...

In our typical slacker parenting style, our kids still has a pacifier (among other vices we have yet to break her of). So we have been saying to her, “Binkies are for little girls, not for big girls. Are you a little girl?” To which she replies, “I a big girl.” And prompting wretches the pacifier out of my retreating grasp. I don’t think she’s getting the parallel.

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Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh!!! She looks so big. I think she's definitely grown since we saw her before we left and she definitely looks like a big girl on that potty. Your dad said you told him that her potty at home plays music when she wee's and it scares her so she runs. Now, that is cute!! We're going to have to see her soon. Love, Oma