Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vegas in Review

We had a good weekend in Las Vegas last week. Not great…just good. We decided we had definitely been places we liked much better. So I thought I’d hit the highs and lows of the trip

• We had a nice Jacuzzi tub in our suite, and I LOVE taking baths, so I took the opportunity to properly mourn the tub that I never got in our “new house.”
• One night we went to a morrocan restaurant to celebrate our anniversary and it was so cool! It was like a big tent and the tables were low, and they served a wonderful six course meal. They even had belly dancers (slash seating hostesses)!
• We GOT OUT of Vegas to visit Red Rock Canyon and the Hoover Dam.
• 80 something degrees and sunshine…the entire trip!
• We tried our first In and Out Burger which has been on my “To Do “ list for many years! Yum!

• We missed Isabelle terribly! And it was worse when we heard that she would cry herself to sleep at night with, “Mamma.” The next trip will just have to include her (and my mom and dad to take care of her while we rest and vacation)
• Vegas in general was a little like a grown up Disney World. We were sick of it after a few hours. Not to mention every where you look are half naked pictures of women! And smoking…urgg…the smoking. I’m not sure if it was the smoke or the spiritual atmosphere, but it was down right sickening after just a little while.
• It should come as no surprise to you that we are budget travelers. So we went to vegas because of a good hotel deal. We got a good hotel deal because we agreed to sit through a two hour time share sales pitch. Ha! The sales guy couldn’t make it for two hours with us so he let us out early. Bottom line: HILTON wants to “sell” you a spot on the Vegas Strip for $60,000 that will entitle you to “approximately” seven nights hotel stay a year at any of their properties world wide for the next 30 years. Don’t have $60,000? No worries! Hilton will loan it to you for about a 15% interest rate for the next 5 years. Which comes down to $1600 a month for the next five years.

Oh ya…did I mention you also get to pay upkeep fees of $1900 a year for the rest of your life? Needless to say, I laughed at the guy when he told us this was a “legacy” we could leave for our children. We told him we would rather pay our mortgage and save for our children’s education. I kept thinking, do people REALLY do this? Do people really buy into this? Surely no one could be that dense??
Added High: We mocked the sales guy the rest of the trip and it provided much entertainment for the two of us!


jaydensjourney said...

I had the same reaction to Vegas. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if I ever went back. Last trip we stayed on the outskirts of the city and it's didn't have the same "atmosphere" of the strip. I know lots of people that go several times a year...I don't get it. Glad to hear you had some great moments.

Anonymous said...

OK-just so you know - she cried for Mama and Dada too!!! It was heartbreaking!! And now that we have got that in writing (about us going on vacation with YOU) Dad and I are packing our bags-----we would LOVE IT!! Thanks for the invitation!!! We're already making plans :-). On another note, Isabelle was DELIGHTFUL. We had so much fun with her. She is definitely your daughter - but we wouldn't take a million dollars for one of her smiles. She is Miss Personality PLUS!!! Love you all-thanks for letting us watch her. Love, Oma & Opa - P.S. the house is SO quiet without her.

Art Betancourt said...

Hey Danielle...sorry vegas was a bummer. I saw you posted on Kates Xanga and I just wanted to say hello!