Monday, April 28, 2008

Potty Tales, Part 2

I don’t think I have ever been so excited about toilets before. I have to admit, before I picked up Isabelle that day at daycare and her teacher told me she used the potty, I hadn’t thought seriously about potty training.

In fact, when we were coming home from NC several weeks ago, I ran into this older southern lady in the restroom, while changing Isabelle’s diaper. She asked me why my 18 month old daughter wasn’t yet potty trained. I told her the same thing, it hadn’t even crossed my mind yet…I understand it’s much easier when you wait till your kids are ready or at least giving you some indication of ready. Which she hasn’t yet. This lady responded, in her southern accent, “I had all boys, I guess boys are just easier to potty train.” Never heard THAT before.

I also questioned my sister-in-law’s in India about how they potty train children. I have read and heard rumors of how Asians potty train infants and that they are light years ahead of westerners. They couldn’t give me any insight, but I think it may have to do with the fact that disposable diapers are four or five times the price they are here, and in an economy that is a fraction of what we have in the states. You do the math. It also helps that nothing is upholstered or carpeted there. Say what you want, but my unpotty trained kid isn’t going to walk around diaper less on my wall to wall carpeting or sit on my $700 couch! It comes down to economics, people.

All of that to say, this weekend, Isabelle peed in her little potty at home every day! Whoo hoo! It plays music when the kid pees in it. The first time it did, she shot up off of the potty with a wild look in her eyes and came running as fast as she could to me! I was laughing so hard! But we celebrated with a jelly belly, compliments of Eli and Jayden from our Easter stash. We have found out JB’s are a huge motivator for peeing.

Isabelle getting her first pedicure...from Daddy!


Anonymous said...

Nice, I can just see her jumping off the potty, shocked when the music came on. It made me laugh out loud. Can't wait to see you Friday.

Aunt Jona

The Shenks said...

I laughed out loud too! Well, you ae giving me hope! Especially since our kids are in the same daycare! Andrew will be 17 months when the new kid is born, so we will have to deal with double duty for a while - but I will be so happy if I have trained by two! And, by the way, I have heard that boys are harder to potty train, so I don't know what that woman was talking about!
See you soon...