Friday, May 09, 2008

This and That

We are officially in the spring cleaning mode. Sunday night we were at Wal-Mart and Conrad decided he wanted to paint our guest bathroom. So we picked up a gallon of paint and off he went! Actually, he pretty much finished his project before he went to bed that night! So we are officially down to only two completely white rooms left in our house to paint.

On our “To Do” for summer, included projects we need to “save” for before we complete them is fencing the back yard. This, we decided was important, after repeatedly having to chase Isabelle and catching her right before she went into the neighbors back screen door!! Also, we would like to install hardwoods in our kitchen area, and tile in our kitchen and bathroom backsplash. I keep telling my husband that he is an engineer, there has got to be very little that he can’t figure out to do himself…am I right? I should say this list is called the “Well-it-looks-like-we-are-going-to-be-here-a-while” List. Or the “Conrad To Do List, While Pregnant Wife sits on Couch.”

Isabelle is simply LOVING being outside. She runs up and down the driveway pushing her stroller. She also jumps on and off our swing. She calls it “winging.” When she sees the swing in the morning, out the window, she starts to cry, “Wiiiinnnnng.” She’s hilarious.


Tara said...

As with you - we are here to stay in our house for a while so now we are saving up for a huge pile of dirt, rubber mulch and swing set. All of which are needed at about the same time. My poor kid has nothing in the backyard to play with! Granted it will not be one of those huge swingsets, but it will be enough to keep her busy! Best of Luck with the summer projects!

Anonymous said...

Danielle, any and all spring projects are great if they get done. Being pregnant I'm sure you enjoy watching them get done even more. Isabelle is ADORABLE! SO many fun times. Vicky

drowninginblessing said...

I love the corn grin. I can't believe how much Isabelle looks like a little girl these days. Where did the baby go? I think pregnant lady's husbands deserve a special program on the home and garden channel. That "nesting" drive is insatiable, but pregnant ladies have no energy, so there are lots of "honey do"s.

Shanygne said...

great picture! so glad you are feeling better these days!

weird post about Natalie... kinda disconcerting that she is dressed like that after being a Maniac for so many years... I hate hearing stories of interns, et al, that stop living for God with their whole heart.