Monday, August 18, 2008


In Word
Muffin: Pronounced muppin. Meaning anything cake like, that comes in small round portions.

Swing: Pronounced wing. Meaning anything that swings from a hinge. Most likely a seat or a toy

Swim: Pronounced wim. As you can see, we are not yet fond of our “s”s. Meaning anything that requires the use of a bathing suit, including sprinklers.

Wash: Pronounced wash. Meaning water. “What would you like to drink?” Wash. Or, more appropriately, what do you do with the soap? Wash, of course.

Open: Pronounced ope. Meaning I am not capable of opening this item myself, I need you to help. Command, “Open!”

Ice Cream: Pronounced Eye Keem. Meaning anything frozen, pop cicles, ice cream, even sometimes frozen fruit. Excluding Ice. That is just Eyes.

In Deed
Yesterday we were laying down for a sunday afternoon nap, which Isabelle graciously complied with. As she was laying on her tummy, drifting off to sleep, with her eyes closed, she started wiggling her little bum and said in her little sing-songy voice (I kid you not) "Shake your boo-tay, shake your boo-tay." What are these guys doing at daycare? Watching old soul train re-runs??


Wendy said...

That's too funny, Danielle. I'll admit~ I taught the 'shake your boo-tay' to both of my girls as soon as they were able. (We had to specify this was only for home, not public) It still makes me laugh when they do it.

The Polo Club said...

You mean you don't walk around the house saying "shake your booty" while shaking your butt? I thought you did. We missed you at the dedication. Hope to see you soon.

Leah M said...

That is stinkin' hilarious! I would have peed in my pants!

drowninginblessing said...

funny. I think we need to teach Abe. I'm sure Mark will love it. :) I'm using the internet at a not so quiet coffee shop while Mark shops at the Hardware store. Good times.

Tara said...

That is so funny! I would sing that to Carlie too and every now and then she will sing it as she is drying off from a shower!

Heather Costaras said...

Well... since we're on the topic... Morgan was watching me change Joah's nappy/diaper this morning and she's always very curious about his little penis. So - she says: "What-dat?" while pointing. And I say: "It's a penis. Joah has a penis because he's a boy. You have a vagina because you're a girl".
Next thing, with lighting quick speed, she's trying to grab her brother's penis. So I say: "Morgan! Stop it! Don't you grab your brother's penis! You'll hurt him!".
So - she replies: "Wanna grab penis! Wanna grab penis!"

Of course, noticing my stifled grin, she decides that this is a funny thing to say. And when I drop her off at nursery school this morning, the first thing she says to her teacher?
"Morgan wanna grab penis!!"


The Shenks said...

OHHH that's so cute - not only that she is singing it, but that it is helping her fall asleep LOL! Good story - but I have to say, Heather's takes the cake!