Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010 Review

Grace would open a gift and say, "oohhh look Mom...a box!

Oma's front door makeover

Grace's new Lady Bug Rain Boots or "Yady Bug" as she says...

Yes, most all of those gifts were for three little girls: my two and thier cousin Abby. Lucky girls!

My beautiful Grandmother opening her gift from us.

Matching PJ's from Oma

Terrible picture with Oma and's nearly impossible to get three preschoolers to look in the same direction at the same time!

"Christmas Morning" at home (actually happened on the 23rd) and yes, Mama is all about homeade. I made them a puppet stage out of an old vaccum cleaner box. It's pretty cool if I do say so myself!

Yes indeed, count them, we had FOUR seperate gift opening occasions. WOW!

We had a wonderful Christmas and my children were inundated with thoughtful gifts from family members. They loved all of the toys and surprises they got. I LOVED all of the new clothes they got! I appreciated that Grace isn’t so shabbily dressed in Isabelle’s hand me downs now. We are reaching the point where the sizes are in year increments and definitely more worn than the 3 or 6 month size increments. Isabelle always has new spiffy clothes, but poor Grace was always dressed in things just a little bit worn out or not quite as white as Isabelle’s. And they got some GREAT new books…among their favorites were two new Angelina Ballerina books (Grace calls her Anga Bina Rina), this Amazing Christmas Pop Up Book from Francesca Crespi, the Tale of Three Trees, and Legend of the Candy Cane. I love books and the kids do too!!

A highlight for Conrad and I was an electric blanket (it’s the little things, really), a carpet cleaner, and a family membership to COSI, which we took our first trip already!

We had so much good stuff we actually had to put he seat down in the back of the van to fit it all in!

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