Monday, May 16, 2011


Grace has, what I think can be easily defined as, a shoe fettish. She LOVES her some shoes. For Easter she got a new pair of sort of high heels. She has been known to wear these shoes (mostly on the wrong feet) and not much else. She runs back and forth on the front porch in her shoes and pull up singing, "A Whole New World" and spinning around.

Lately, she does a shoe change, comes up to me or her Dad, sticks her foot out and says, "Check these babies out." I have no idea where she got this.


Anonymous said...

is she ok now? i cannot wait to see them those pictures are soooo cute. love to you all granny

The Polo Club said...

Abby is missing her cousins!! can't wait until I have this little guy and you all can come visit him and Abby.

drowninginblessing said...

What a jewel! Thank you for the smiles, Gracie, to help me start my day!