Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bento Thursday

In the bento on the left you have an owl turkey and cheese sandwich on top of a fishy cracker medley, with a gummy worm mixed in. In the bento on the right are fruit skewers and celery and peanut butter.

In the bento on the top you have a mini cupcake and two gummy worms (they are "potty" treats run a muck so they keep making a come back!)along with cantaloupe and strawberry hearts. In the bottom box is turkey pepperoni, turkey and cheese flower skewers and crackers.

In the top bento you have flower turkey and cheese sandwiches in th bottom is watermelon, carrots, and dip.

On the left are beef and cheese quesadillas and on the right is a marshmellow, all dressed up, and fruit skewers.
In the box on the left is an apple crusher, carrots, and dip. On the right is a turkey and cheese sandwich sushi roll skewer and a mini cupcake.

This one is a lil different. This was dinner and I made some homeade baked fries. I cut them out into little shapes and the kids ate them..a bit they are really not potatoe fans.

In the top box is a paratha (Indian Bread) with a cheese stick and little raspberries with chocolate chips in the center (I had these in my lunch too..yum!!) In the bottom is Chicken Korma.

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drowninginblessing said...

I have to tell you I made our first home bento yesterday. I asked Abe if he wanted a heart almond butter sandwich. He said "no, just a circle." OK, so he got a circle. :)