Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Fathers Day Craft

For Fathers Day the girls made homemade cards for Conrad and helped make waffles for breakfast. As usual, they chased him back into bed so they could serve him breakfast in bed. Which he things is wierd, and they think is so very cool. I mean what's not to love?: Pillows, blankets, syrup, and small children? All in the same place?

Anyway, we made these great little Daddy boxes and made him certificates for things for Fathers Day, which he has YET to use, including a professinal massage!!

We were also surprised that my dad stopped by for Father's Day! So we gave him his gift and took him out to dinner. It was an awesome day surrounded by Dad's!!


Oma said...

Such good girls--they are my granddaughters!!! Love you - and Happy Father's Day Conrad. We love you, too.

Anonymous said...

love those beautiful little girls,and conrad is a bonous to,lol that was so neet.love you all granny