Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Garden Update

Wow! It has been only a few weeks since we planted our garden and boy how it has grown! Our pumpkins are starting to vine, we have little green tomatoes, and we already have TONS of big red raddishes, ripe lettuce, and spinach, and ready to use cilantro. I love just asking Conrad to run out to the garden and grab some veggies for dinner! We have been having salad from our garden for a couple of week now. LOVE it!

Unfortuantley, we had an invasion of aphids and they completely killed our spinach plant. I removed the plant and the bugs and haven't seen them on anything else. I didn't want to put chemicals on our garden so got ready to go buy some ladybugs..which I read eat aphids. We also found a bunny hiding in our squash yesterday. We were wondering how long it would take them to realize the garden was food!

But over all, we are still doing well and chemical free! We are going to have a ton of produce in a few weeks! Getting ready to give it away as I'm sure it will be more than we can handle!! Here is a picture of a salad using lettuce, spinach, and raddishes from our garden(pre aphid infest). Yum it was delish!


Anonymous said...

the salad looks great!!!!!your garden looks wonderful love gram

drowninginblessing said...

What success! Yes, I should've remembered, we always order ladybugs for the pecan orchard to eat up those nasty aphids.