Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Christmas Eve

As is our Christmas tradition, we traveled north to my family's home and had several more family Christmas parties. My kids were in wrapping paper clouds of joy, as they piled up gifts, opened presents, and ohh and ahhed over toys and clothes. Isabelle got a dog that barks and whines whenever you pass it and it's almost better than a real dog (or BETTER, depending on who you ask!) And Grace got a rupunzel dress and long flowing blond wig. It's kinda cute, but mostly creepy. No matter, she loves it.

We just had fun hanging out with our famiy, giving the gifts we had searched long and hard to buy or make, and eating yummy Christmas food. I snuck roughly fifty percent of the presents away before they were looked at and hid them in our closet (good thing Isabelle doensn't yet read). Hope all you gift givers are okay with this. We will go ahead and get out one at a time, in the next few months, so they can really enjoy each one. Love you all!

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Anonymous said...

love seeing these cute pictures love you guys gram